Kidd Kidd Got Arrested Right Before XXL Freshmen Concert [VIDEO]

Kidd Kidd was pretty thrilled when he snagged the fan-voted 10th spot in the 2015 XXL Freshmen Class

The police also took notice of the honor, and when Kidd Kidd showed up at the Freshmen Concert last night in New York City he was unceremoniously arrested right outside of the Best Buy Theater. (Shades of DMX being busted in front of Radio City Music Hall just a few days ago.)

There are reports the NYPD has been looking for him since February when he allegedly beat and strangled a woman in a domestic dispute.

G-Unit had been scheduled to be Kidd Kidd’s surprise guest at the show, and 50 stepped in to do Kidd’s parts.

“We was gonna rap with Kidd Kidd but the police was out front and they snatched him. He’d be out by tomorrow,” Fif told the crowd.

Check out video of Kidd Kidd getting grabbed by the undercover Hip Hop police:

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