Raury, Tink, K Camp & Kidd Kidd Kick Off Part 1 Of The 2015 ‘XXL Freshman Cypher’

Raury, Tink, K Camp & Kidd Kidd Kick Off Part 1 Of The 2015 ‘XXL Freshman Cypher’

You know your Monday will be off to a great start when it starts with a brand new hip-hop cypher. Now that the 10 XXL Freshman Class freestyles have been released, it’s now time for the cyphers.

During the first part of the XXL cypher we have Kidd Kidd Kidd kicking things off with his slick ways, “Roaches crawlin’ on me in my sleep, shake ‘em out the sheets/The toilet never worked and the faucet always leaked/Ain’t nothin’ in here to eat.”

K Camp takes us on a more laid-back approach with his rhymes as he raps,  “Sit back and watch the kid like a Blu-Ray/Been making hits n****, Bobby Boucher/I been working, I ain’t called my bitch in ’bout two days/I can make your bitch go more than two ways/You better update your roster like you playin’ 2K.”

As soon as Tink hits the mic, you know she’s all business: “I normally wouldn’t do this on a regular day/But since the time is of the essence I’ma grace you with my presence/ From the city where they sleep you like some Nyquil shut/Where them n****s give you wings quicker than Red Bull, boy.

Lastly, Raury steps up towards the end and shows off his cover-worthy skills. The singer holds his own in the cypher with an impressive and unique vibe.

Watch Kidd Kidd, K Camp, Tink and Raury tear it down for the first 2015 XXL cypher above and be on the look out for the remaining to drop. – Lupe Looove

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