Rick Ross Has Been Released From Jail

Rick Ross Has Been Released From Jail

No need for you to go get a “Free Rozay” shirt, the boss Rick Ross has been freed from jail. The weeklong involuntarily vacation ended at the cost of $2 million dollars.

The $2 million that was required to be paid by Rick Ross was split in a few ways, $500,000 in cash with another $500,000 delivered via surety bond and $1 million in equity pulled from his mansion.

Rick Ross won’t be making any unknown trips for a while either, we will be wearing a GPS ankle monitor and if he were to attempt to intimidate any witnesses he would have to hand over the mansion.
The work for Rick Ross hasn’t stopped. Despite being locked up for a little bit, releases from Rozay have included a video for the remix of “Neighborhood Drug Dealer” and alongside of Lil Wayne and French Montana for “Lose It.”

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