Shia LeBeouf Stole The Bars In That Freestyle Everybody’s Buzzing About

Over the weekend, a video of actor and crazy person Shia LeBeouf doing some “freestyle” rapping emerged.

Was it good? Well, “good” is such a restricting term, but you can check it out and decide for yourself.

It turns out they may not even be his rhymes. Female rap collective The Anomolies says this lyric he spewed is straight from their 1999 track ‘Perfectionist.’

“I recon you want more of that rare commodity/the quality is what it’s gotta be/and my philosophy is much farther than what your eyes can see.”

LeBeouf has a long strange history of plagiarizing the work of others, so it’s possible most of his bars were lifted.

But not the ones about being the Jewish Tupac. We’re thinking that’s all LeBeouf.

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