Stream: Problem – ‘Mollywood 3: The Relapse (Side A)’

Stream: Problem – ‘Mollywood 3: The Relapse (Side A)’

As promised, Problem is back with an addition to his Mollywood series: Mollywood 3: The Relapse (Side A).

Don’t get too excited, because this is just part 1 of the two-disc Mollywood 3 mixtape. Even though there is a Side B coming soon, Side A is pretty awesome by itself.

Side A’s 18 records features a lot of self-production, but Problem still gets assistance from Salva, League of Starz, Authentic, Qwest and a few others. In terms of features, Problem really kept this project in-house, with appearances limited to Bad Lucc and StoneyThaDealer.

Stream and download Mollywood 3: The Relapse (Side A) on the next page and stay tuned for Side B –available July 2.

Stream: Problem – ‘Mollywood 3: The Relapse (Side A)’

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