Stream T-Pain’s Album ‘OBLiViON’

T-Pain is back. Six years after dropping rEVOLVEr, the Auto-Tune master returns with his newest album, OBLiViON.

The 16-song set boasts appearances from Chris Brown, Wale, and Ty Dolla $ign among others. Tiffany Evans shows up on the previously-released “Textin’ My Ex,” while Blac Youngsta pops up on “Goal Line.” Meanwhile, the project kicks f with the introspective “Who Died.”

“It has a dope horn sample, and some the lyrics are reminiscent younger me,” Teddy told Billboard the opening cut. “It’s more a rap track than anything else; it has a midtempo beat and nice bounce to it. It’s titled ‘Who Died’ because everybody feels like they can tell me how to do music. The message the whole song is like, ‘Who died and made you boss me?’ It was one those ‘everybody shut the hell up’ songs — it intros the album like, ‘Let me do my thing.’ It’s the most vulnerable track] on the album.”

From there, the album takes some raunchy twists and turns, including on “Pu$$y on the Phone,” which was inspired by a drunken phone call. “A while ago I had a female assistant, and she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone, and he was drunk as hell,” he explained. “She put him on speakerphone just so we could hear all the funny shit he was saying, and that ni**a told her, ‘Baby, put that pussy on the phone,’ and that had to be the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever heard a man say in my life. That shit was amazing. I always think about that. It’s a trap, turn-up type song.”

In August, T-Pain said that this would be his final album on RCA. “A lot it’s produced by Dre Moon, he’s a new producer,” Pain said at the time. “It was supposed to be a collab mixtape between him and I but then once some the songs started getting to the label, the label was like, ‘Oh, this is a fucking album!’ And this would be my last album on the label. So, for them to accept this, I’m like, oh, alright I’m free after this.”

Stream OBLiViON below.

  • Stream T-Pain's Album 'OBLiViON'