Vince Staples Performs On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Vince Staples Performs On Jimmy Kimmel Live

It’s a big week for Vince Staples, whose album Summertime ’06 dropped earlier this week.

The Long Beach, California native made his debut Jimmy Kimmel act appearance last night (July 1) as he performed his single, “Señorita” as well as the album’s cut “Lift Me Up.”

Vince also spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about the ideas and themes of his new album by saying,

“A first album is a coming-of-age type situation. You are stepping into a new realm and it’s a time of revelation. The summer of 2006 was also a time of transition—a strong turning point in my life. That is where I drew inspiration from for this album.”

“I think I was 13 in 2006. I thought I was so hard. Big ass white t-shirt and then a super small white t-shirt when I got into skateboarding. I was at Hot Topic every day stealing t-shirts. It was a great time period—just being young and dumb and feeling like you rule the world. Every kid feels that way at a certain time.”

“I want people who listen to this album to define it in their own way. I don’t believe in telling people how to articulate the music. You could ask my opinion, but we all have the right to interpret the music and have it affect us in our life in the way that we want it to. I want people to understand the reality of what my situation was and then apply it to their own life. It’s like the Bible—you take the Bible the right way and it can help you tenfold. This album is my Bible.”

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